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VoidRoid (Measurement of solder voids)

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Automatic detection of voids. Significantly shortens inspection time.

Measurement of solder voids

VoidRoid can measure solder void ratio using X-ray images.

Qualap VoidRoid

✋Are you relying on humans for inspection?

In the inspection of solder joints, it is often the case that solder voids are manually inspected one by one.

✋Are you satisfied with the conventional software?

The shadows of the solder voids are different, and the binarization process using the conventional software cannot be automatically detected at one time, making it unusable.

Automatic detection of voids

🚀🚀🚀With Qualap VoidRoid, AI will automatically detect defects with high accuracy!🚀🚀🚀

By using Deep Learning technology, it has become possible to automatically detect solder voids with high accuracy, which could not be automatically detected by conventional software.



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